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Subscription Payments 

Learn how to introduce subscriptions to your business and potentially triple your revenue by watching this on-demand webinar!

Duration: 13 minutes

English and Spanish CC available



Customer Training Specialist

Alex Veng is a former Kajabi Hero turned employee. Using his 8 years of marketing experience and what he’s learned while generating over half a million dollars, he now teaches weekly webinars that help Kajabi customers learn effective marketing strategies. At the beginning of 2021, one of Alex’s TikTok videos went viral, amassing over 4.3 million views and 28 thousand shares all leading to almost 6 figures in sales in a single weekend.

Why a Profitable Subscription Membership is Critical to Your Business

"If you already sell online courses, adding a subscription membership site can be a strategic long-term play - not only for revenue growth but for stability and diversification in case your web traffic dries up or shifts considerably. The recurring revenue of a subscription membership smooths out the peaks and valleys of your promotional calendar and gives you predictable revenue every month." - Graham Cochrane

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“With my membership, there’s so much less stress. For the most part, I know my business revenue for the year. And I don’t feel like I have to teach everything new I’m working on or create a new product to sell. I can focus on providing fabulous content and connection for my members but also on creating for myself. Plus, I can be present and flexible to take care of my family." 

Rebecca Bryan
Quilter and Founder of Bryan House Quilts

"I created a community where my members pay $5/week and they can connect with myself and each other. You get great testimonials because people are talking about their experience in the community and it provides a great place to source feedback and do market research for new products I want to launch." 

Dan Plews
Athlete and Founder of Endure IQ

“I landed 30 Charter members on my initial launch and 30 more a month later. Today I maintain a steady enrollment of around 150 members, and 9 of those original members are still with me nearly 8 years later!” 

Anne Sullivan
Musician and Founder of Harp Mastery

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